What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base.

What is happening what exactly at the Guantanamo base. . Terrorist attacks since, in the United States, in the name of [the fight against terrorism], several It stunned the world in action with the excessive human rights violations. International famous among them Accommodation of the will, from all over the world those who suspect that [terrorists], such as the Guantanamo base in Cuba Detained in the facility, a problem that the inhumane handling. People that have been housed in Guantanamo Bay . Terrorist attacks after the of the month date, the United States President George W. Bush is one of the large It is issued a presidential instruction. This instruction, al-Qaeda members, the United States the American people the United States of diplomacy Those who were involved in activities that harm to the military policy economic policy, and aid collusion their activities Person, such harbored was a person who as [enemy combatant] (enemy combatant), anywhere in the world Can have to, it is possible to restraint indefinitely in the presidential authority, of the Department of Defense jurisdiction [Military It is going to be able to judge by over commission].

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